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To understand the nature and world around us, comprehend the Astrophysics, Biophysics, Higher energy physics in revealing the new theories are coming up. Let's discuss them, apply them, let's learn our academical physics still the more cheerful way. Come and Join here we will help you to learn physics and it's deep science in a different way. Modern Physics has given the most valuable asset to the world of science. Principles that are used to describe our nature are limited. many laws are being stated and few of them succeed in proving them theoretically and sometimes experimentally, few are proved wrong. Connect with nature to learn better.

Yoga & Spirituality

We all become anxious, tensed, frustrated. I too, But sometimes it's a boon when it turns positive, all tensed energy is utilized to turn positive, most of the time its bane.. never ending phenomena of life's psychological and neurological traits are repaired and re-connected to the reality and bring back the correct bliss in life. By Yoga and Meditation. A certified Yoga instructor and Meditational experts will help you. come and join to enjoy the harmony in life, to enjoy every morning a new birth to start a new beginning and a change.


Listening to music can soothe the emotions.Whenever I take the guitar and practice first thing comes to my mind is Wow, how truly this works, A beautiful rhythmic sounds generated by the stringsā€¦The beauty of harmony, and expression of emotion in all the way to make solitude soul a happy is the main aim of music. In India, Samaveda is the Veda of melodies and chants. Sama Veda is the earliest literature on music which we know today. Its natural incorporation of music, mantras, chhanda, linguistics, feelings, gratitude to almighty, happy mood..etc are its forms. Come and Join us we are here to make an attempt at visualizing music through computational methods, theoretical concepts and even knowing the exact physics behind the music of cosmos.

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